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    2018-12-16Bro. Blake Smitley"How to Live as God's Beloved"
    2018-12-09Pastor Dave Burt"I Promise"
    2018-12-02Pastor Peter Wang"The Amazing God"
    2018-11-11Pastor Daniel Earley"Looking to the Lord"
    2018-11-04Pastor Peter Wang"The Ripple Effect"
    2018-10-28Pastor Darius Nable"The Authority of HIS WORD"
    2018-10-21Bro. Blake Smitley"Being an Ex-outsider"
    2018-10-14Pastor Dave Burt"What Sleep is For"
    2018-09-30Pastor Dave Burt"What God is Looking For"
    2018-09-23Bro. Joey Malott"Reaching the Many Starting With the One"
    2018-09-16Pastor Wayne Lee"Who Will You Serve"
    2018-09-02Bro. Matt Burt"Trusting He Who Knows"
    2018-08-26Pastor Darius Nable"Talking to God"
    2018-08-19Bro. Blake Smitley"From Death to Life"
    2018-08-12Pastor Dave Burt"What is That to You?"
    2018-08-05Pastor Peter Wang"Living the Life of Faith" - Detachment and Attachment
    2018-07-29Pastor Darius Nable"Worshipping Warriors"
    2018-07-22Pastor David Chang"Stay on the Trail"
    2018-07-15Pastor Dave Burt"Following the Lord Wholeheartedly"
    2018-07-08Pastor Daniel Earley"Prepared to Witness"
    2018-07-01Pastor Peter Wang"Rescue of Righteous"
    2018-06-17Bro. Blake Smitley"The Greatest Opportunity of Your Life: Knowing God!
    2018-06-10Pastor Dave Burt"Coram Deo"
    2018-06-03Pastor Peter Wang"In But Not Of the World"
    2018-05-20Bro. Blake Smitley"Being Adopted by God"
    2018-05-13Pastor Dave Burt"Come to Jesus and Drink"
    2018-05-06Pastor Peter WangLiving the Life of Faith "Objects of Mercy"
    2018-04-29Pastor Darius Nable"In HIS Presence"
    2018-04-22Pastor Daniel Vaughan"Let it Go"
    2018-04-15Pastor Enoch Ling"The Life of No Return"
    2018-04-08Bro. Todd Camba"The Right Path"
    2018-03-18Bro. Blake Smitley"An Unexpected Deliverance"
    2018-03-11Pastor Dave Burt"Desperate for Wisdom"
    2018-03-04Pastor Peter Wang"Grappling with God"
    2018-02-25Pastor Darius NableTitle: Gethsemane
    2018-02-18Bro. Blake Smitley"In the Middle of the (Life) Storms"
    2018-02-11Pastor Dave Burt"Slave, Orphan, or Adopted Child"
    2018-02-04Pastor Peter Wang"Know God that You May Know Yourself"
    2018-01-28Pastor Darius Nable"Champions for CHRIST"
    2018-01-21Bro. Blake Smitley"Joseph's Brother - How Bitterness Can Quickly Grow in Our Heart!"
    2018-01-14Pastor Dave Burt"Building Our Lives on Christ in 2018"
    2018-01-07Pastor Peter Wang"The Impossible Promise"
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