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    2019-09-29Bro. Josh Kim"Resurrection Beyond the Grave"
    2019-08-25Bro. Blake Smitley"He Heard My Cry"
    2019-08-18Pastor Darius Nable"No Turning Back"
    2019-08-11Pastor Dave Burt"He Calls us by a New Name"
    2019-08-04Pastor Peter Wang"Gospel Moment"
    2019-07-28Pastor Darius Nable"Self Evaluations"
    2019-07-21Dr. Caleb Chow"God's Terrifying Mercy"
    2019-07-21Dr. Caleb Chow"God's Terrifying Mercy" part 2
    2019-07-14Dr. Philip Siu"True Religion"
    2019-06-30Pastor Peter Wang"Knowing Christ"
    2019-06-16Pastor Darius Nable"D-Day"
    2019-06-09Dr. Philip Siu"You Can Change"
    2019-06-02Pastor Peter Wang"Promise and Promiser"
    2019-05-19Pastor Daniel Vaughn"Who is Lord?"
    2019-05-12Pastor Dave Burt"Be Transformed, Not Conformed"
    2019-05-05Pastor Peter Wang"A Deep Yearning for Home"
    2019-04-28Pastor Peter Wang"Banishment but Not Abandonment"
    2019-04-14Pastor Dave Burt"Becoming the Seed That Bears Much Fruit, Because It Died"
    2019-04-07Pastor Darius Nable"Work Out"
    2019-03-31Pastor Darius Nable"Emptying"
    2019-03-24Bro. Joey Malott"Back to the Basics: The Church 101"
    2019-03-17Bro. Blake Smitley"Flipping Our Understanding of Our World Upside Down"
    2019-03-03Pastor Peter WangBlessing through Curse
    2019-02-10Pastor Steven Lee"Discerning God's Presence"
    2019-02-03Pastor Peter Wang"An Act of God"
    2019-01-27Pastor Darius Nable"Confidence in HIM"
    2019-01-20Bro. Blake Smitley"God's Illustrations for Our Living as His Beloved"
    2019-01-13Pastor Dave Burt"God Called Me? Huh? What?"
    2019-01-06Pastor Peter Wang"Oops, I Did it Again"
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