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    2013-09-15Brother Bryan TurnerRevisiting the Good Samaritan
    2013-09-08Brother Blake SmitleyThe Greatness of Jesus
    2013-08-25Brother Blake SmitleyFollowing Jesus in our Family
    2013-08-18Brother Bryan TurnerThe Great Reversal
    2013-07-28Brother Bryan TurnerJudging Righteously
    2013-07-21Brother Blake SmitleyThe Dangers of Foolish Living
    2013-07-14Brother Adam FengWhat do I must do?
    2013-06-30Brother Blake SmitleyBe Strong and Courageous!
    2013-06-23Brother David BurtSafe and Content
    2013-05-19Brother David BurtBe Prepared to Wait
    2013-05-12Brother Bryan TurnerThe Sheep and Goats
    2013-05-05Pastor Peter WangAin't Nothing Like the Real Thing
    2013-04-21Brother Bryan TurnerThe Rich Man and the Teacher
    2013-04-14Brother David BurtMaking Golden Calves
    2013-04-07Pastor Peter WangChrist is Better..."The One and Only"
    2013-03-17Brother Bryan Turner"Given over" to Desire
    2013-03-10Brother David BurtTreasuring Christ
    2013-02-24Brother Bryan TurnerRestoration
    2013-02-10Brother Blake SmitleyRepentance: More Than Just Words, More Than Just Actions
    2013-02-03Pastor Peter WangThe Inadequacy of the Alternative
    2013-01-27Brother Bryan TurnerStanding Firm
    2013-01-20Brother Bryan TurnerBlinded by Self-righteousness
    2013-01-13Brother Blake SmitleyThe Price of Freedom
    2013-01-06Pastor Peter WangChrist is Better: A Better Priesthood
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