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    2014-12-28Bro. Bryan Turner Take heed to your ministry
    2014-12-21Bro. Adam FengThe Birth of Jesus
    2014-12-14Bro. Samuel YuThe cost of Grace
    2014-12-07Bro. Peter WangEmbracing the Ways of God - Christ is Better
    2014-11-30Bro. Adam FengThank God for what we have
    2014-11-23Bro.Samuel YuGiving Thanks for the Lamb
    2014-11-16Bro Peter WangChrist Is Better
    2014-10-05Bro. Peter WangChrist Is Better
    2014-09-28Bro. Bryan Turner Are you experienced?
    2014-09-21Bro. Adam FengKeep the way of the Lord and walk in it
    2014-09-14Bro.Samuel YuStand with Jesus
    2014-09-07Bro. Peter WangChrist Is Better
    2014-08-31Bro. Blake SmitleyOur Identity Crisis
    2014-08-24Paster Samual YuGrace then Works
    2014-08-10Bro.Steve HsiaChrist the Prince of Peace
    2014-08-03Bro.Bryan TurnerRighteous Living
    2014-07-27Bro. Adam FengGod knows everything
    2014-07-13Bro.Steve HsiaPraying for and Enlightened Heart
    2014-07-06 Rev. Peter WangChrist Is Better
    2014-06-29Bro. Blake SmitleyThis Sunday
    2014-06-29Bro. Blake SmitleySunday Message
    2014-06-22Bryan TurnerSurrender To God
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