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    2016-12-25Pastor Darius Nable"Born to Die"
    2016-12-18Bro. Blake Smitley"Waiting and Preparing in an Instant Download World"
    2016-12-11Pastor Dave Burt"Look to Jesus"
    2016-12-04Pastor Peter Wang"Friend of God"
    2016-11-27Pastor Darius Nable"Attitude of Gratitude"
    2016-11-20Pastor Tim Kao"Losers for Jesus"
    2016-11-13Pastor Dave Burt"Remain In Me"
    2016-11-06Pastor Peter Wang"Law in the Heart"
    2016-10-30Pastor Darius Nable"Do You Believe This?"
    2016-10-16Pastor Steven Lee"Rooted in Christ"
    2016-10-09Pastor Dave Burt"Self-Control: Everyone's Secret Desire"
    2016-10-02Pastor Peter Wang"People of God in the World"
    2016-09-25Bro. Todd Camba"Great to Serve"
    2016-09-18Pastor Dave Burt"We Wouldn't Want to Live Without the New Birth!"
    2016-09-11Pastor Darius Nable"Lord, Teach Us to Pray"
    2016-09-04Pastor Darius Nable"G.O.S.P.E.L"
    2016-08-28Pastor Dave Burt"What to Do at the Crossroads"
    2016-08-21Pastor Peter Wang"Master of Destiny"
    2016-08-14Pastor Wayne Lee"Good Good Father"
    2016-08-07Pastor Dave Burt"Holding Tight Because I'm Held Securely"
    2016-07-31Bro. Blake Smitley"Are You Blessed?"
    2016-07-24Bro. Blake Smitley"Jesus: Fully God and Fully Man"
    2016-07-17Pastor Darius Nable"Look Ahead, Don't Meet by Accident"
    2016-07-10Sister Esther YuBeing a Chosen Vessel
    2016-07-03Pastor Peter WangLiving the Life of Faith "Two Ways to Live..."
    2016-06-19Bro. Jonathan Li"Response"
    2016-06-12Pastor Dave Burt"We're Servants, Living to Love God and Others"
    2016-06-05Pastor Peter WangLiving the Life of Faith "The Main Character"
    2016-05-22Bro. Blake Smitley"To the Rescue"
    2016-05-15Bro. Blake Smitley"Faithfulness In the Midst of Bitterness"
    2016-05-08Pastor Dave Burt"We're Athletes Running for God's Glory"
    2016-05-01Pastor Peter Wang"A Rough Portrait of Faith"
    2016-04-24Pastor Peter WangLiving the Life of Faith
    2016-04-17Pastor Dave Burt"We're Soldiers Battling in the Power of the Spirit"
    2016-04-10Bro. Blake Smitley"Falling Short and Missing the Mark!"
    2016-04-03Pastor Peter WangA Season to Say "Yes" to Church
    2016-03-20Bro. Blake Smitley"Are we worshiping Jesus out of convenience or necessity"
    2016-03-13Pastor SeongSu Hong"Power of the Gospel"
    2016-03-06Pastor Peter WangChrist Is Better - A Prayer of Confidence
    2016-02-28Pastor SeongSu Hong"Who Do You Love? Are You Sure"
    2016-02-21Pastor SeongSu Hong"Old to New"
    2016-02-14Pastor Dave Burt"We're Citizens in the King's Kingdom"
    2016-02-07Pastor Peter Wang"Following the Leaders"
    2016-01-31Bro. Blake Smitley"How & Why God Creates us"
    2016-01-17Pastor SeongSu Hong"Get out of the Boat"
    2016-01-10Pastor Dave Burt"We are the Children of Our Heavenly Father"
    2016-01-03Pastor Peter WangChris Is Better - "Spiritual Sacrifices"
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